July Web Girl of the Month


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Uniqua has served up drinks at Hooters of Bayside for six years. She's a two-time Hooters Calendar girl, including the upcoming 2019 Hooters Calendar.

We asked Uniqua to share a little more about herself. Read more and check out her feature pictures below.

What do you love about Hooters?

“One of my favorite parts about working for this company is not only the amazing opportunities I’m given on a daily basis, but also all the different people I get to meet. Working at a huge tourist location, such as Bayside, grants me the chance to meet people from different parts of the world. Meeting these new people allows me to learn new ideas, cultures, and languages."

Tell us what you like to do outside of the orange shorts.

"I enjoy giving back in my local community, modeling and traveling, even better when I can incorporate all three. Back in April, I helped put together a mock fashion show for children who have always wanted to “strut their stuff”, in honor of Autism Awareness Month. I am also a huge bookworm. I am obsessed with all things Harry Potter. I love to write music and poetry as well."

Tell us about some of your passions.

"Modeling and traveling are two of my favorite passions. Modeling is amazing because it gives you an uplifting and everlasting confidence.There's no room to be any less than the amazing person you are, because the industry doesn't have time for it. It's constantly pushing for outstanding and in doing so, you learn new things about yourself every time you step in front of a camera or on a runway."

Want to meet Uniqua in person?
Visit her at Hooters of Bayside.

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